1. Too Salesy

Facebook is all about authenticity, so if your company is not being authentic or engaging with customers in a way that feels genuine, the community will see right through it, Share images and posts about your company and make it personal, using terms like “We love” “We’ve just completed” will help the audience feel a connection with your business. Use your local area as a way to build your company and try not to just promote offers! Give out useful tips and ideas that are linked to your business but aren’t just a sales pitch.

For example: You’re a bathroom fitters so you could post about how to keep your bathroom mirror smear free or ways to add value to your terrace house or share posts about local house prices!

2. Not Investing Time in your Facebook page

Another common mistake is underestimating the amount of time a successful Facebook strategy can take.

Some small business are under the impression that if they set up a Page on Facebook,  people will naturally pop on to their site and ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ a product or service. But it unfortunately it is not that simple.

If you take this strategy you are unlike to grow your follower base and may well end up hurt your relationships with existing followers, particularly customers who have come to expect timely responses from you on other platforms and expect you to react quickly to their posts and queries.

Unlike traditional advertising methods such as a radio spot or advertising in trade magazines you can’t just create a Facebook Page and let it run its course,. “Creating a Facebook Page” is the first of many steps, and the Page needs to be updated and monitored constantly.

3. Failing to Learn what Facebook can offer!

Since Facebook is a relatively new medium for marketing, some businesses have yet to explore all its functionality and they’re missing out on creating an optimal brand experience.

Facebook has lots of tools to introduce businesses to the Facebook audience, such as, the ‘Info’ tab, Where you can create a custom welcome page.

Another seemingly obvious mistakes is the profile image. Most companies upload a version of their logo, but the resulting thumbnail image that shows up in news feeds often only captures a few letters in the middle of their logo! Which then completely ruins your branding! Check and double check to ensure your profile image is showing you off in the best light.

Facebook Insights, Facebook’s built-in analytics system, is also often overlooked, and with it the opportunity to analyze post-performance to see what types of content gets the most engagement its worth spending time here to learn what is resonating with your followers so you know what to focus on.

4. Being dull

When they’re thinking about marketing, some business owners forget that Facebook is a place where people share things they find funny, interesting or useful with their friends. Think about what kind of content your followers would actually want to share when planning your posts.

Status updates by themselves can become dull very quickly but like-wise so do photos, videos and multimedia eventually. Your aim is to mix it up. To stop people from hiding you from their feed. So keep it varied and personal — a video, a photo, Tips, Articles, Insights, links to other related companies! But always hold true to your core values and if you have one your social media guide (If you haven’t drop me an SM as I can write one for you)

Auto-publishing content from your blog or Twitter feed can also derail your efforts so ensure that you remember that Twitter and Facebook are different and tailoring your posts for that will give you a better response.

“Whatever you do, DON’T automate everything! Facebook places lower priority on auto-published content and you also might miss out on things your followers are sharing that would be great for your business.

5. Violating Facebook’s Rules

Not only is it critical to know how Facebook works and what tools are available, it’s also important to know the rules!

So what are the rules that most people break? building a community on a personal page instead of a proper business Facebook Page. Running contests and “tagging” people who are in an image without their permission.

Tagging people in order to promote a product or service to them is a massive no no and can get your page closed down so ensure you only “Tag” people who are happy for you to do so.

To avoid these common mistakes, invest time in learning about the Facebook platform, educate yourself on how to build and sustain an audience, and don’t forget to engage with people like you would do if they walked into your business.

The great thing for smaller businesses when it comes to Facebook is that it allows you to make personal connections with customers, this is something larger organisations will struggle with and is a UPS for the little guy!