Companies are now recognising they need to focus on creating experiences that engage customers, and that also play on the fact that most of us have a limited attention span! When we were kids we were continually being told that we had the attention span of a Gold Fish. Turns out it’s true!

A Microsoft report stated the average human loses focus after 8 seconds (a decline from the 12 second attention span of 2000!) Technology is perceived as a driving factor behind this change.

Digital signage has the capability to grab attention – even with today’s gold fish. The key is using content that resonates with your audience, content that stands out in order to grab a consumer’s attention. When choosing what to display ensure you have defined who your audience is and what their motivations are, oh, and don’t forget that all important 8 seconds! If you have video clips or adverts think about cutting them down into 5-8 second clips, in order to hit that Microsoft-reported sweet spot!